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You have reached the website for the LCSP research group: Landscape Ecology and Conservation of Songbirds and Prairie Ecosystems. This is the research lab of Dr. Nicola Koper, Associate Professor in Conservation Biology at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba.

We have a large and diverse suite of ongoing research projects, most of which focus on (1) landscape ecology, (2) prairie conservation, (3) avian conservation in prairies and wetlands, (4) rangeland management, or (5) ecological statistics.

Major projects include coordinating one of the largest biodiversity grazing experiments in North America, evaluating effects of shallow gas and oil extraction on prairie songbirds, and studying effects of habitat fragmentation on conservation of tall-grass prairies. Naturally, one of our (many) study species is LCSP: the LeConte’s sparrow.

LCSP is supported by Dr. Koper and numerous staff and grad students; currently, we have 1 post-doctoral fellow, 19 Masters students, and 2 PhD students on board. We work closely with numerous collaborators at Environment Canada, Parks Canada, Manitoba Conservation, Carleton University, St. George’s University, and others.

Dr. Nicola Koper
Associate Professor
Natural Resources Institute
University of Manitoba
70 Dysart Rd.
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-8768
Fax: 204-261-0038